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Grief Support

"Grief shared is grief diminished" 
-Earl A. Grollman, noted author and grief counselor

Hospice care doesn’t end when the patient has passed away. Hospice of South Georgia lives up to its reputation for “a special kind of caring” through our  Bereavement program. Our staff includes a Bereavement Coordinator who is certified in Thanatology, which is the study of death and dying. We are the only hospice in our area to have a bereavement professional with this unique qualification.

Support is available to the families and loved ones of patients we serve, as well as to those in our eight county service area who are experiencing grief and the transitions related to the loss of anyone close to them.

Hospice of South Georgia offers a broad range of grief support services which include individual counseling, support groups, community education programs about grief and loss, and an annual memorial service.  We also host our special “Grief Camp” program for adolescents and teens. Please call 229-433-7000 for more information.

We have professional staff who can provide outreach services and support programs in response to specific requests from the community. We also rely on trained volunteers from Hospice of South Georgia, who help with many of our bereavement support programs.

“Each year I look forward to helping at Hospice of South Georgia’s grief camps. The children reach out to me, hang onto my every word, and think I am someone special. In fact, these children are the special ones. For a brief weekend we watch them begin to smile through their sadness. They have touched my heart.”
                                        - Hospice Volunteer, Jimmy Fletcher

“Going to camp helped me to talk about the good things I remember about my Dad. We played the yarn toss game, and when the yarn came to me I shared about a fun time with my Dad. If I have a friend who needs to go to camp, I will tell them to go because it helps you get through it and know that it’s okay to talk about it. I want to be a helper at camp next year!”
                                        -Camper, Grief Camp for Children,
                                       Sponsored by Hospice of South Georgia

There is no charge for grief support services; however, donations are appreciated.

For more information about dealing with loss and our Bereavement Services, contact our office by telephone or email.

You can also check our Calendar of Events for up-to-date listings of support group meetings and other programs.

How Do You LIVE At Work? 
Hospice of South Georgia has been selected as a partner with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization's Caring Connections workplace outreach initiative. This initiative is striving to increase awareness about the needs of working caregivers. 

It's about how you live at work 
Camp Lean on Me
Hospice of South Georgia will hold it's annual grief camp on October 14-16,  2016 at the 4H Campground in Lake Park, Georgia. This camp is for children ages six to seventeen who have experienced a close personal loss.
Call 433-7000 for more information!