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Our veterans did everything asked of them during their service to our country.  Through traumatic wars, they persevered through dangers beyond our comprehension, and made sacrifices that forever changed their lives.  Hospice of South Georgia recognizes needs of veterans that require unique plans of care, and we remain dedicated to continuing education on psychological trauma and providing physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort care for both the veterans and their families.  Currently, we have very few veterans from WWII, meaning we are now caring for veterans involved in the Korean War and Vietnam.  Vietnam veterans faced civil unrest and criticism on arriving home from war.  Many never received gratitude for one of the most traumatic wars in american history.  We Honor Veterans give us the unique opportunity to finally welcome them home and express gratitude.

The We Honor Veterans program was founded by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization who teamed up with the VA to build a program focused on providing a customized care plan to meet the physical and emotional needs of veterans. Hospice of South Georgia is a participating partner for We Honor Veterans in our 8 county service area, and our passion is providing the most comprehensive care possible.  Upon admission into our services, we ask a series of questions from a military history checklist, educating our hospice team on smooth continuum of care and patient needs through the VA, and we also learn background information on his or her military experience.  This checklist provides the hospice team with all the needs specifically related to his or her service.

We Honor Veterans Ceremony- 
Hospice of South Georgia honors our veteran patients through a ceremony recognizing the service and sacrifices made while enlisted.  We involve fellow veterans in our Valdosta community, American Legion Post 13, to join in the ceremony, as well as representatives from Moody Air Force Base for USAF veterans. Their involvement is meaningful, as they are military peers who lived through similar experiences.  We begin the ceremony with hospice presenting our certificate of gratitude, and pinning the veteran with an american flag pin.  Our military flag (representing all branches of service) is then brought to the veteran and requested that he or she sign it.  We hang this flag in our Langdale Hospice House to always remember them and their service.  The American Legion then presents our patient with a certificate, coin, and an honor salute.  Moody Air Force Base representatives honor USAF veterans with a certificate and USAF hat and t-shirt.